New Arrivals for crazy times September 02 2020

Back in March, when the proverbial hit the fan, we were uncertain as how we should proceed to navigate these CRAZY TIMES. We've been creating new collections of jewellery, hats and leather accessories for the last 23 years. Every winter we work on new collections to keep our regular clients, our valued producers & ourselves interested. Would we continue to do this? There was a little bit of hesitation, but then we charged forward as usual.

We are so excited to have just uploaded over 260 new designs produced for us in 17 different workshops throughout Mexico and Thailand over the last few CRAZY months. These last few months have given us lots of time in the office to work on so many new capsule collections. With the help of new technology we were able to work closely with our makers and refine our new collections without leaving our postcode. The Huevos Mexicana  we made at home were not quite the same as what we delight in on our trips to Mexico, but there was something grounding about spending the full winter on the Mornington Peninsula around the house and in the garden. We're certainly looking forward to Lolita's home-style, authentic Mexican cooking next year (hopefully). 

We are appreciative that we have a business to continue working on, a roof over our heads and food on the table. We know that these crazy times are presenting many challenges for all. Hopefully we can all show support and kindness along the way to the other side.