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Prue & Alan in Mexico

Australian designer Alan Myerson is located in Victoria, Australia. The Alan Myerson collection takes its inspiration from the exotic places that Alan and Prue Myerson visit to develop their range of silver jewellery, leather accessories, alpaca knitwear, Panama hats and other interesting wearable pieces.

These places include the tropical coast of Southern Mexico; the sparse Atlas Mountains of Morocco; the volcanic lakes of Guatemala; the magnificent Andes of Peru and Ecuador and the tranquillity of the Golden Triangle. 




The philosophy is simple: to create timeless pieces by incorporating a subtle twist to essentially clean design; using skilled craftspeople for production, resulting in quality pieces that can be worn for seasons to come. Although the makers are skilled craftspeople, their machinery is often limited to basic tools resulting in a “hand made” feel being left on each piece.

The range is designed by the couple in their home on the Victorian coast. Designs continue to evolve outside of the studio reflecting the influences of the above noted craftspeople.



One of our Mexican Maker's Workshop


All silver jewellery is made from quality sterling or fine silver. The range is targeted at men and women with some of the pieces crossing over to be worn by both. This non-gender defined design has been a constant in the Alan Myerson range over the last 21 years and gives its pieces a truly versatile nature.


Alan Myerson leather accessories are made locally in Melbourne and offshore by a leather-maker that Myerson has worked with for many years. Accessories include bags, belts, wallets and pouches designed to appeal to both men and women. The skins used are full grain and are sourced mainly from Italy and Japan for their excellent quality. Due to the combination of clean design, expert make and quality leather these pieces wear well with time and become one’s own unique treasure.


Alpaca knitwear
Alpaca knitwear is also part of the Alan Myerson collection. Knitted by hand in the mountains of Peru, these stunning scarves, gloves and hats are made from premium grade Alpaca yarn, grown high in the Andes at more than 3500m above sea level. The general rule of thumb with Alpaca is that the higher the altitude the softer the yarn. The pieces designed are light-weight, however luxuriously warm due to the natural qualities of the lustrous, silky Alpaca fibre.


The Alan Myerson collection is topped off with a range of hats. For the summer months Myerson has a range of Panama hats from Montecristi in Ecuador. Montecristi is to Panama Hats as Champagne is to sparkling wine. These hats, along with the Merino felted fedora & trilby – for the chillier months - are popular staples in the Myerson collection.


Alan Myerson
Alan Myerson first realised there was a gap in the market for quality accessories while working in designer menswear at a retailer in Melbourne’s exclusive Little Collins St. Now, after 21 years of travelling to some of the most isolated, far flung places on the globe, Myerson has assembled a highly talented and skilled team of artisans and craftspeople that he works with to create his capsule collections. A firm believer in upholding fair-trade principles, Myerson has worked with some craftspeople for over 15 years and has been welcomed into their homes.


Prue Myerson
Prue Myerson's background in costume and fashion design gives her an innate understanding of how to work with different materials to create beautiful individual pieces. She believes in creating streamlined, simple pieces that are beautiful and versatile. Like Alan she has also worked in retail in women’s fashion and has an understanding of the pieces the modern woman needs to complement her wardrobe.


The Alan Myerson collection is sold in boutiques throughout Australia, New Zealand, Moscow, Tokyo and London.
Alan & Prue with our Northern Thailand family run silversmiths